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4 Minutes To Save The World

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Perhaps Justin Timberlake and Madonna are truly onto something with the new release of their single, "4 Minutes." Some people may only receive 4 minutes to make their mark on the world, but this coming week I get 9 whole days to be used by God in whatever way he sees fit.
I've been hesitant to admit that going to Nicaragua is a dream come true for me - simply because it's hard for the average citizen to understand why going to a poverty stricken "dump" would be a dream come true. But all that aside and all balls in....THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUE.

I get 9 days to save this part of the world that God has assigned to me and my team. I get 9 days ...just 9 days. I plan on doing the very best I can with this very fragile part of the world. I am no longer nervous. I have no butterflies occupying my belly, and my mind is free. I am ready!


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