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Jennie's Prayer Requests

Monday, June 9, 2008

I've been praying a ton about our Nicaragua trip the last few days. My heart's desire is to be given eyes to see what God is already doing there. It's so easy to make my own plan and serve with my own agenda, but I've learned that God's agenda is usually different than mine and always better. I long so much to see His work in Nicaragua and help him with that instead of trying to get Him to help me with mine. Please pray that He would begin showing me what He wants me to see and understand about this culture, these people, and the ministry that we're going to serve.

Language…I don't have it. I'm a quick study linguistically, but I'm currently probably the most Spanish illiterate on the team. I guess I'd like prayer for my confidence. I find that every time I say a phrase in Spanish I end it with a question mark…because I'm not sure I said it right. Between that and my voice difficulties, I'm afraid I'm going to sound like an imbecile! Please pray that I find a way to communicate effectively.

I so long to make some valuable people connections with women, children, ministry partners. Would you pray for loving relationships to be established?

Our team is really, really great. We've had a great time together already, doing fund-raisers and things. (Especially since Mary makes such great rice! (wink) ). Pray that our unity would continue and our friendships would deepen and strengthen.

Pray for health.

Pray for my kiddos as they're home with Grandma for the week. I'd love for our time away to be as much a blessing for them as we know it will be for us. Also, would you pray that God would be molding and softening their young hearts for the nations as He has Steve's and mine. We long to go on an extended mission as a family in the coming years and would love for that to be as much in their hearts as it is in their parents'. (We've even been preparing their palettes for spicy foods! Tender hearts, tough palettes is our prayer…tee hee.)

Pray for the Big picture. I am a big picture kind of girl and live and breathe by big vision. My heart desires to get a broader picture of what God is doing in Nicaragua and how we (the Hoffmann's and Oasis Church) fit into the greater scheme of things. It's a lot to ask, I know and I want to be faithful to keep doing the little things that are in front of me, but what a gift it would be to begin to see the beautiful workings of God's greater tapestry. How I long to return home knowing what His thoughts and desires are for future involvement in this place.

You all are a treasure to us. Thank you for your prayers!


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