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Friday, June 20, 2008

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us on this trip. God provided all the money we needed for the trip (which was no small thing) with some left over to go buy towels and sheets for the orphanage we'll be visiting. Apparently, linens are a very hard, expensive thing to come by in Nicaragua...

So the leaders there emailed us and mentioned that if we had any extra room in our suitcases, we might think about bringing some. Well, we got lucky. With all the airline fandangos right now, we bought our tickets right before they changed how many pieces of luggage we could take. We're still allowed two checked bags and two carry-ons. (Pray that we won't get flack when we get to Portland...it's in our contract :-) ) So all of us (even the girls) packed our belongings in carry-ons...leaving us 26 suitcases to fill with stuff. I was given a check for $150 after we already had all our travel money, so I went shopping. I had planned to be practical and get the taupe towels and white sheets, but these towels were on sale for $4 each and I all of a sudden thought about what I was doing. Little girls who have only known a dump for a home...an orphanage...we're the first group to go...we get to make the rules. Don't tropical oranges and pinks and turqoise seem so much more hopeful and alive to you? I'm stoked. I filled my shopping cart...not even counting what I had. When I got to the checkout it came to $146.83. I laughed and bought some M&M's and peanut butter to take to our hosts!

We've filled suitcases with linens and flip-flops and bubbles and color books and toy cars and soccer balls and tools and... I'm tearing up just thinking about it. So excited. Thank you guys for helping us do this. What a privelege and joy! THank you!



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