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Saturday, June 21, 2008

We are here! Wow. Found a little internet cafe just at the end of our drive. Wish we could post pictures, but have not figured out how yet. The orphanage is amazing...cannot wait to share pics and stories.
Went on a little scavenger hunt in the Houston airport. Got pics of at least 12 different mission teams going to Central America today...Honduras, Belize, Jamaica, Mexico...Gods family is truly amazing and in NO way insignificant.
Not much sleep. Pray for endurance.
It is hot and humid here. Everyone is well.
LOVE our hosts already.
Will report more if we get the chance now that we know this cafe is here
Dios le Bendiga!


Carey & Sarah said...

So glad to hear everyone is there safe and well. We are praying for you all this week!

Dave and Aimee said...

Jen & Steve,

Praying that you all have had an amazing week. We tried posting a few days ago before leaving town and was unsucessful...hope this one works! We miss you both...and know you are home for what, one day? and then back for more adventures? Wednesday, July 2nd SALSA if you're in town!

Please call when you've hit Bend soil. We've been awoken/startled to pray for you at least 3-4 times so we'll need to hear from you when you return dear friends!

Love, Dave & Aimee

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