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God is so Cool

Monday, June 30, 2008

One of the very first really cool things that happened was during our layover in Houston on the way down. We kept seeing all these groups with matching T-shirts so we started asking them who they were. Missionaries. All of them. So we started taking pictures. We ended up counting and photographing 13 groups in about 25 minutes just in our little corner of the Houston airport. They were headed all over Central America to do all sorts of ministry and that was only the obvious groups with T-shirts. Once in Managua, while standing in line at customs, we met another group of 60+ doctors and dentists heading up into the villages outside of Managua.
One of my first prayer requests had been that God would allow me a glimpse into the "bigger picture" of his work. What a sense of humor he has! He is no small God, his family is not unknown, and the work he accomplishes through his people is not insignificant. They looked after the needy in their corners and we went and took care of ours, and oh how I wish there was some way to measure the breadth and depth of impact that we all had together on the poor and needy just last week! Our Jesus has to smile at the smallness of my perspective sometimes.

I can't help suspecting that Christian missionary groups are perhaps the only thing keeping this crazy airline industry afloat. It was evident that God's people made up 95% of our plane's passengers when as we were taking off we heard someone a few seats up say, "God is good!" And the passengers all responded in turn, "All the time!" lol


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